Saturday, April 19, 2014

No Rest For the Drunkin

No one seemed to care. 
But I wasn't that skinny. 

I crave something more alive that doesn't come from your filthy penis,
Or a drunkin stooper. 

I'm sick of the dead among the living.
They creep me out and take away my good days. 

I need more good days. 
I need more life and rawness. 

I definitely need something more alive to help my blood move through my veins.

Right now it is collecting dust and stagnant. 

Good Things To Come Please

I really just wanted something good to happen.  
I thought of ways that would lead to good things.  I came to a blank thought. Nothing. 

I thought maybe I could be famous.  I'm good at compartmentalizing. 
I'm not good at love.  I'm too raw and real.  What you see is usually what you get. 

Then I just really wanted something good to happen.  Anything really. 
Possibly win the lottery.  That would be awesome. 
I wouldn't have to worry about that job I don't have, but dread having.  

Who knows, they say if you pray hard enough.  Maybe I'm just not praying hard enough. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunshine is my Masterpiece


I hope you're enjoying your day.

It's always wonderful to experience the sunshine.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Celebrate your human experience. Cherish the miracles that keep life entertainingly enchanting and most importantly, honor the beautiful Self that you are. 
~Dr. Dorothy

I'm sick of the dead running this show. 
I want to see a little consideration. 
Live a little and stand up for something. 
If you don't, 
You'll fall for anything. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Blood Red.

Blood splattered the walls as I realized an important key note:
No one really cared past their own personal interest. 

Blood littered the bathroom floor as I understood:
The caring I have always given freely would only be given with preservation in return. 

I could never fit these stupid facts into my thoughts as the bath water turned a pale pink. 
It would never be anything different;
Possibly this is living. 

But I knew there had to be something more. 

My mind is being Robbed

I couldn't help myself when you didn't understand. 

I needed help and understanding.

You were busy.

Well, I guess we're all busy sometimes. 

Let mine be an inconvenience to you. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Changing Bones

It was hard to think when all of the plans changed. 

I thought I was certain, and then confusion took over. You never seemed to understand, but then neither does the replacement.  Two eyes may never see the same point of view.  

The pain I'm feeling deep down is deep and raw.  Nothing works like it should, and it brings me discomfort.  I can only imagine what the year will bring; I'm not sure if I'm ready for anything new. 

But something different might be a nice change.